Q. What is transparent mode?

Transparent mode is also known as Bridge mode. The device in transparent mode can act as a bridge and also filter/inspect packets. It has all the interfaces belonging to the same LAN segment and you do not have to change other network settings when you add a transparent device to the network. In a word, a transparent mode device is invisible on the network.


What is it used for ?

It is usually used for connecting a private network behind an existing firewall or a router. Take VigorPro5510 Unified Security Firewall for example, after enabling such mode, packets sent from each host will be detected or filtered by UTM (AV/AI/AS)or firewall policies. The hosts will be double protected by VigorPro UTM product and the NAT device in front of VigorPro UTM product and the network infrastructure won’t change a lot.

How to configure VigorPro 5510 in Transparent mode ?

1. Set an IP for management.While the administrator wants to manage VigorPro5510, he can access it by the IP .

2. Setup Firewall policies. Take Anti-Virus for example.

Apply the set AntiVirus profile to Firewall.

3. Setup WAN IP for updating AI/AV signatures. The WAN IP should be the IP in the same network as the front device.

4. Enable the transparent mode function via Firewall >> General Setup page.

After ticking the Enable transparent mode option, a window will pop up. Click OK to enable the mode.

Note1 : Transparent mode only works with WAN1.

Note2 : Transparent mode and NAT mode can exist on VigorPro 5510 at the same time.