This document will introduce you to the “dialplan” features in Vigor Routers. We will use the Vigor2710 router in our example.

The Vigor2710 has two phone ports to allow you to connect two phones. They can be used for both VOIP and PSTN calls.

Dialing VOIP Calls
To dial VoIP calls, just dial the number directly.

Dialing through PSTN line
To dial a number via the PSTN line, press #0.You will hear the PSTN line dial tone. You can make calls through PSTN.

The Vigor2710 router supports up to 6 VoIP accounts. The digit map and phonebook will help you make lowest cost call through different VSP (VoIP Service Provider).

Step 1: Ensure that VoIP SIP accounts are set up correctly
Below is an example of VoIP configuration using Pennytel VOIP account:

In our example we have both ‘Ring Port’ fields ticked. This will cause both attached phones to ring on an incoming call. The call can be answered by either phone. All sip accounts can be configured to ring either phone 1, phone 2, or both. Click [OK] to save your configuration. In the profile list page, check the registered status of the VOIP account. The symbol “R” in the Status column indicates that this account has registered with the SIP server successfully.

Answering incoming calls from either the PSTN line or any of the VOIP accounts is straightforward. However, dialing-out is more complex.

Making Outgoing Calls
Each phone has a “Default SIP account”, ‘Default’ means if there is no dialplan match, your phone call will be directed through the specified VoIP account.

If you don’t have many VoIP accounts, the ‘Default’ setting should be enough for you to make calls. Refer to the figure below:

If you have more than two VoIP accounts, the “Default” setting may not be adequate. In this case you can use ‘Dial Plan’ settings.

The most convenient way to make calls is creating a phonebook for the most frequently used phone numbers. The phonebook allows you to specify the VoIP account to use with this number.

For example, Susan’s number is 0412345678 and you want to call Susan using pennytel. Then use the following configuration.

Then dial 1# to call Susan using pennytel VoIP line. This feature is also known as speed dial in some other devices.

The Vigor2710 allows up to 60 phone book settings. This is more than many other VoIP devices.

It may not possible to create a phone book entry for every number you may want to dial. Another feature that can be used is ‘digit map’. This is handy for creating dialing rules.

For example, we want to dial all 04xxxxxxxx numbers through 2nd VoIP profile. We can setup a digitmap rule as shown below:

Sometimes, you want to force a call through a specified line. You can refer the screenshot below:

For example, you want to dial 0211111111 through 1st VoIP profile, you can dial 10211111111, then the call is going through VoIP1 interface, and the prefix ‘1’ will be removed automatically.

Notice that you can also specify PSTN interface in digit map settings.

For more information about digit map, refer to “How to use the Digit Map

You can also specify some numbers dialing through PSTN line, automatically, refer to the setting page below: