In this guide we will show you how to configure the Vigor2960 for 3G/4G backup connection.

Note: The router will need to have firmware version 1.0.7 or later to support the 3G modem

We will have WAN1 as the primary WAN connection and configure USB1 (3G USB Modem) as the backup WAN connection.

STEP 1: Configure USB Port

In web browser (IE , Firefox, Chrome etc) access the menu page of Vigor2960 router  (default IP address is

Once you have logged in, go to “WAN>>General Setup “ menu. Select the USB WAN tab.

Highlight USB1 and click on Edit.

In the USB WAN menu, select “Enable” and select 3G for Protocol setting.

Select USB 3G tab and enter the required details (APN name, Username and password if required)

Click on Apply to save the settings and return to previous menu


STEP 2: Configure WAN Failover

Go to “WAN>>Load Balance “ menu.  Select the Pool  tab.

Click on “Add

Now select Mode tab. Enter a Profile name and select Failover for Mode.

Select Failover Tab.

Select Wan1 for Primary Profile

Select usb1 for Backup Profile

Click Apply to save.

STEP 3: Configure Default Route

Go to “WAN>>Default Route “ menu.  Select the Failover profile we created in the last step.

Click on “Apply” to save

STEP 4: Check 3G/4G Modem Connected

Go to “Online Status“ menu and check that USB1 is up when WAN1 goes down.