TR-069 is supported on the following routers:

Vigor 120, 2110, 2130, 2710, 2820, 2910, 2920, 2930, 2950

Sample Diagram




ACS SI server / router

1.)  Install Java, My SQL and ACS software.

NOTE: The ACS SI may not work properly if the server/PC has a Virtual machine installed. Please remove virtual Machine as this may cause conflict on the ACS SI software.

2.)  Register a user/license on the ACS SI software.

 CPE (Client provided Equipment)

1.)  Configure the URL below on the TR-069 of the CPE.

user:  acs

password : password

Where is the IP of the router in front of the ACS server.


 1.) Make sure the URL is exactly the same as above (URL is case sensitive).

2.) The ACS server cannot detect the Main router which is hosting the ACS server.

 When the CPE is configured properly, the CPE can be seen on the ACS SI software.