Problem Description:

Dial iinet voicemail system – connects fine but when I enter my 4-digit passcode and press “#” key to authenticate there is a delay and then an announcement that the passcode is invalid. The process works fine from my mobile phone but does not work from any handset connected to my 2820vn (Phone1).


Step 1

Please telnet to the router and check the setting for including the # symbol in the number being dialled.

The command is “voip sip misc –v ”

Please refer to the application note: 

It shows you how to re-enable this function.

Step 2

If the # symbol is still not being transmitted then check the following:

1. Use inband dtmf in the router’s phone settings,
2. Turn off the key tones on the handset. This may be diverting the tone to handset speaker, rather than echoing them, thus they were not being sent down the line.