Web Content Filter is a tool used to block websites based on category. The category database is updated and maintained by DrayTek partners, such as commtouch. When users request web content via the router, the router will query the database to see whether allow or block.
The function also can enable/disable automatically based on the time.


Step 1 – Enabling basic Web Content Filter

Please refer to another article “How to setup Web Content Filter on Vigor2130


Step 2 – Adding a Time Object to Web Content Filter

There are two ways to create Time Object. 1: creating a new Time Object right away in Web Content Filter page. 2: creating in Time Object under Firewall sub-menu.

Click on the link “New Time Object” and a new window will pop-up. Select the date range and time range, and then click OK to return to Web Content Filter. Now, the Time Object can be selected in the combo box. Click OK and save configuration.


Step 3 – Editing the Time Object

Click Firewall in main-menu then click Time Object in Firewall sub-main. All Time Objects are displayed in the list. Click the index number of the Time Object that is going to be edited. When finished editing, click “OK” to save.


Step 4 – Adjusting the system clock

By using Time Object, it is important to ensure the system clock is correct. Go to System Maintenance > Time and Date, it is better to sync the time with NTP server, either internal or external NTP server, then set the current time zone.


Step 5 – Testing with Time Object

Within the time period, the request to website has been blocked.