Web Content Filter is a tool used to block websites based on category. The category database is updated and maintained by DrayTek partners, such as commtouch. When users request web content via the router, the router will query the database to see whether allow or block.


Step 1 – Activating the Web Content Filter

On the menu, click CSM > Web Content Filter, then the license status is displayed. If the license has not activated yet, click the “Activate” link and the page is redirected to DrayTek for product registration and service activation. If you do not have a DrayTek account, you can register one for free.


Step 2 – Adding Web Content Filter entry

After activation, click the “Add a New Entry” to create an entry.


Step 3 – Testing before setup

The test is going to block social networking web site like facebook. Let’s test before enabling Web Content Filter


Step 4 – Setting up basic Web Content Filter

Input the Name, check the box of enable, check the box of social network in computer section, and click OK to save.


Step 5 – Testing after setup

Now, the router is able to block websites based on the category selected.


Remarks – Checking the category of website

commtouch provides a website to check the category of the website. For example, input www.facebook.com and it returns Social Networking.