In the past, the timeout setting in Hunt Group can be set with “forward to other extension” or “forward toe-mail”. Yet, the caller always wants to wait for a while until the callee picks the phone up. Therefore, anew function of “queuing” offered by Hunt Group can help to complete user’s desire.When there are several incoming calls to VigorIPPBX, after forwarding them to different hunt groups, VigorIPPBX will accept all the phone calls and queue them one by one. Then, VigorIPPBX will arrange them according to the priority of each hunt group for picking up. Such design can enhance the convenience for the users and make the phone call answering application more elastical.

You can find the function of “Queueing” from the Overflow Rule option. Refer to the following figure:

Queuing can specify the priority for the Hunt Group. There are five levels. See below:

For example, the advanced setting for Call Queuing is shown as the following:

If Max queue slots is set by 1 and Additional slots is set by 1, it means the maximum number of the incoming call waiting for picking up is just 1. The incoming call with Priority 2 will not be queued by VigorIPPBX and Busy tone will be played for that incoming call. However, if the incoming call is in Top Priority, it is still be queued by VigorIPPBX. Below shows the environment for actual practical application:

We can configure the Hunt Group separately for the Departments of Sales and R&D as the following figures:

Case 1:When Ken dials to Hunt Group number 200 for Sales Department from Trunk, all of the three extensions(510, 511, 512) will ring at the same time. If no one answers the call, that call will be queued by VigorIPPBX immediately. Then, Ken will listen the waiting music played by VigorIPPBX. Within 40 seconds, these three extensions will ring again. If there is still no one answering the call and the queue time out (set with 60 seconds) is up, such call will be hung up.

Case 2:All the three extensions in Sales Department are one the phone, then Joy dials to Sales Department from Trunk. Such phone call will be queued by VigorIPPBX immediately. If Jonny ends the phone call conversation, the incoming call from Joy will be picked up by Jonny.

Case 3:When Joy and Joseph dial to Sales and R&D Departments at the same time (all of the extensions for both departments are busy or no one can answer), these phone calls will be queued by VigorIPPBX. Then,within 40 seconds, the incoming phone call signals from the two hunt groups with high priority will be sent out. Therefore, the extensions of these two departments will ring again within 40 seconds. (If there are phone calls coming from other Hunt Group, they will be queued by VigorIPPBX automatically.)