The Vigor2760 supports 2 LAN subnets.

In the factory default configuration in the router, all the interfaces are bound to the first LAN, while LAN 2 is not enabled. This document explains how to enable and configure the 2nd LAN subnet.

Step 1

Go to  Network>>LAN configuration menu.


  1. Select Ethernet tab.
  2. Select default profile.
  3. Click Edit to start editing

Step 2

Edit default profile

  1. Select VLAN and Physical Interface Setting drop-down menu.
  2. Disable the interface(s) for this LAN, so they will be available for LAN 2
  3. Click Apply to save.

Step 3

In Network >> LAN,  click Add to add a profile for LAN 2.

Step 4

Edit the profile according to your requirements

  1. Edit the basic information.
  2. Edit the LAN IP address and subnet mask.
  3. Choose the interface(s).
  4. Click Apply to save the configuration.