This video will guide you through the configuration of the Vigor2820 series to connect to an ADSL service by easy to follow steps.

If installing the router for the first time please have a look at the Hardware Installation section of the Quick Start Guide that came with the router. Ensure that all the physical connections have been made then log into the router via the web interface. Some of the steps include:

I. Physical Connections
Ensure the cables are correctly attached as indicated in the guide. This includes power cable, ADSL or WAN cable and LAN cable to your computer.
– Power adapter is firmly plugged into router.

Check that you have the following LED indicators showing
– ACT LED (light) flashing
– DSL LED blinking For ADSL routers
– WAN LED on, for broadband routers
– LAN LED on for port where your computer is connected

II. Connect to the Router Web Interface

Start your web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer ) and type in the router IP address of into the Address Bar.
More details in the Video.

The same configuration steps can be used with other ADSL DrayTek routers although the web interface may be slightly different.

Click here to view at YouTube.