This guide we will show you how to configure the Vigor2760 Delight router to connect to DoDo NBN connection. The first step is to configure LAN port 4 to become an Ethernet WAN interface to allow the router to be connected DoDo NBN. The router will need to be running the latest firmware for this feature to be available.

Note: This guide only applies to DoDo NBN and may not apply to other NBN providers. You will need to check with the NBN provider for the configuration parameters required in steps 2.

Step 1:  Configure LAN 4 to become a WAN Interface

Step 1.1

Log in to the router’s Admin page.  If the router is at factory default settings use the following:

Use your internet browser then enter

Enter Username: admin

Enter Password: admin

Step 1.2

Go to WAN >> General Setup configuration menu. Select WAN2.

You will notice the message on this page that states that when WAN2 is activated, LAN port 4 will become WAN 2.

Step 1.3

Enable WAN2 and select the Physical Type if required to match the device it will be connected to.

Click OK to save.

The router will reboot to save the settings.

Step 2: Configuration For DoDo NBN

Step 2.1

Go to WAN>>General Setup configuration menu and select WAN2.

Step 2.2

Note:  DoDo NBN requires data packets to be tagged with a VLAN ID of 100, so you will need to enter this into the WAN settings. Otherwise you will not be able to access the Internet.

  1. Select Yes for Enable option.
  2. Select Enable for VLAN Tag insertion.
  3. Enter the value 100 for Tag value.

Click OK to save the settings.

The router will now restart.

Step 2.3

After the router has restarted log into the router again and go to the admin page.

Go to to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu.

For WAN 2 select PPPoE for Access mode.

Click details Page.

Step 2.4

Enter your Username and Password then click ok.

Note: You need to get your user name and password from your Internet provider.

The router will restart again.

Step 2.5

After the router has restarted log into the router again and go to the admin page to check your connection.

Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection menu

If you see WAN 2 is all green it means your NBN connection is working.