This video describes the process to change the default LAN IP subnet address in the Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 routers. Changing LAN 1 IP subnet address to one that is used by another LAN in the router will cause a conflict. Therefore we need to modify the other LAN subnets before we can change LAN 1 IP subnet address. The process will involve enabling VLANs so that the relevant IP subnets can be changed.

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This guide will show you how to change the default LAN IP address for a LAN if the new IP address conflicts with an existing IP address for another LAN in the router. The router will have pre-configured default LAN settings.

This document that shows the steps required to change LAN1 subnet to
By default LAN2 uses so we need to change LAN2 settings first before we can change LAN1.
In the process we need to enable VLANS. Make the changes and then disable VLANs when finished.


Step 1: Enable VLAN setting

Go to LAN>>VLAN Configuration menu

Assign all the LAN ports and Wi-Fi LANS to a VLAN and save settings

Note: you will need to assign all LAN ports and SSID’s to a VLAN or the configuration cannot be saved.

Step 2: Change LAN2 IP subnet settings

Original Setting

Step 2.1: Change LAN 2 IP subnet to

LAN settings now should look like this:

LAN 1 has IP address

LAN2 has IP address


Step 3: Change LAN1 IP subnet settings

LAN settings should look like this now:

Step 4: Disable VLAN settings

Go to LAN>>VLAN Configuration menu and disable VLAN settings

LAN1 subnet now is changed to