This video will guide you through the process of installing DrayTek Smart Monitor software and briefly shows some of the features of this software. This software is a free download from DrayTek to help network administrators troubleshoot network performance issues. It will work with supported DrayTek Routers.

Click here to watch this video.

Download Smart Monitor and run Smart Monitor Setup Wizard.

Follow the Wizard to Install Smart Monitor.

Install Apache HTTP Server.

Install WinPcap.

Install Microsoft Visual C++.

After the installation is completed, connect your computer to a LAN port of Vigor Router. Open a browser and go to “http:”, read the notice then enter “confirm” at the end of the notice, and click “Open SmartMonitor”.

Log into Smart Monitor. The default User Name and Password is “admin” and “admin”.

The detected Vigor model will displayed on the main page.

Go to System >> Setting to select the network interface as the one which is connected to the router’s LAN port.

On the Vigor Router, enable port mirror so that the traffic on the other LAN ports will be send to the computer that is running Smart Monitor. (Note that for Vigor 2820 series, Mirror Port is can only receive traffic).

Trouble shooting

Unable to run Smart Monitor on your computer
  • Make sure all the program required are installed perfectly.
  • Run “services.msc” on the computer to make sure the Status of “SmartFlow”, “Smart Monitor” and “SMwatch” are “Started”, you may have to select the Startup Type as “Automatic”.
Unable to detect the Vigor Router
  • See Specifications to check the models that support Smart Monitor.
  • Please try upgrading your Vigor Router to the latest firmware.
  • If the computer running Smart Monitor has multiple NIC, please try disable the one which is not connected to the Vigor Router. You may can enable the NIC again after Smart Monitor finds the router.
Unable to detect traffic/host
  • Note that Smart Monitor does not support tagged traffic yet, so traffic from tagged VLAN may not be detected.
  • See Specifications to check how many PC users does the model support.