To reset/clear the password for the Administrator and User modes, follow the instructions below. The instructions apply to the following DrayTek router models. Please note that some of the screen menus may have a slight variation of the format.

VigorFly200,               VigorFly210,              Vigor2110series,         Vigor2120series,

Vigor2130series,         Vigor2912series,        Vigor2920series,         Vigor3200series,

Vigor2750series,         Vigor2760_Dseries,    Vigor2830series,         Vigor2850series,



Resetting Administrator Password

Go to System Maintenance >> Administrator Password Setup configuration menu and the following screen should appear.

Enter the old password and the new password.

Click OK to save the new password.


Resetting User Mode Password

Go to System Maintenance>>User Password configuration menu.

Select Enable User Mode and enter the new password for a user.

Click OK to save the new password.



The following DrayTek’s Devices only have the Administrator Password reset functions. Refer to Resetting Administrator Password’s section for the instructions to reset/clear the password.

Vigor2100series,         Vigor2910series,         Vigor2925series,         Vigor2930series,

Vigor2950series,         Vigor2955,                 Vigor3300V+,             Vigor5300series,

Vigor5500,                 Vigor5510series,         Vigor120,                   Vigor130,

Vigor2700series,         Vigor2700Ge/e,          Vigor3100series,          VigorIPPBX2820,

VigorIPPBX3510,         VigorAP710,               VigorAP800,                VigorAP810,

VigorAP900,                VigorPhone350,          VigorATA24,               VigorATA24-SH


To reset/clear the password for VigorAP700, Click on System Utility menu option >> Enter the old password and the new password >> Click Apply to save the new password.