As part of our ongoing service to our customers, we provide regular webinars covering a range of topics. The purpose of the webinars is to inform our customers or potential customers of the latest developments in the products that we distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand. The current webinar series covers new developments in DrayTek routers including various configuration options available.

The webinars are conducted on a regular basis from our Seven Hills office and are free for anyone who is interested. The webinar topics are predominantly based on customer feedback and proved to be very popular. At times we will run a webinar covering new products that are released to the market. A schedule of upcoming webinars is published in our newsletters. Everyone is welcome to participate in the webinars and probe questions during the webinar.

Webinars are recorded, so if you missed out on a particular topic you can finf details of recorded webinars in the webinar setcion of our knowledge base.

Click here for upcoming webinars:


Roy and Anthony during the webinar presentations


Another successful webinar completed