In this application note we will show how to configure 802.1Q VLANs on a DrayTek Vigor3900 attached to a DrayTek VigorSwitch P2261. The scenario will separate 4 groups of LAN connections on VigorSwitch into different VLANs and be allocates different IP subnets.


Vigor3900 (Table 1)
Port No. Subnet VLAN VLAN Tag (VID)
1 10
2 51 51 52 52 53 53 54 54


VigorSwitch P2261 (Table 2)
Port No. VLAN-ID Tag/Untag Remark
1 10,51,52,53,54 Tagged Trunk
2,4,6 51 Untag Access
8,20,12 52 Untag Access
14,16,18 53 Untag Access
20,22,24 54 Untag Access

I. Vigor3900 Configuration
A. Create VLAN

For the VLAN configuration, go to “LAN>>Switch” Configuration menu in the Vigor3900 and select the 802.1Q VLAN tab.

Since we will be using LAN port 2 as the 802.1q VLAN trunk connection to the switch, we will not allow untagged packets to LAN port 2. Select VLAN 10 and deselect LAN port 2 as Untagged.

The next step is to create VLAN with VID 51 by following these steps:

  • Click on Add button
  • Enter 51 for VLAN ID
  • Select LAN_Port_2 for Member
  • Select Untag for LAN_Port_2
  • Click Apply to save

Repeat the same procedures for VID 52, 53, and 54. Once the configuration completed, the page should look like this.

B. LAN Configuration
1. Configure LAN 1
Go to “LAN>>General Setup>>General Setup” Configuration menu in the Vigor3900 and select LAN1 and click on Edit to modify the configuration if necessary. In this guide, we modify the description.

2. Configure LAN 2
Go to “LAN>>General Setup>>General Setup” Configuration menu in the Vigor3900 and click on Add to add a new LAN profile.

For LAN 2, we need to create four profiles with different IP subnet configuration according to table 2 above.

3. Enable Routing Between LANs
To allow devices from VLAN 10 to be able to communicate with devices on VLAN 101 you will need to enable routing between the LANs

Go to “LAN>>General Setup>>Inter-LAN Route” Configuration menu in the Vigor3900 and select “Enable Routing between LANs


II. VigorSwitch P2261 Configuration
On VigorSwitch P2261, we set the port 1 as 802.1Q VLAN trunk port and connected with the Vigor3900.

A. VLAN Membership Configuration
After login into VigorSwitch P2261, go to “VLAN>>VLAN Membership” page and configure according to port VLAN group settting. In our example, the configuration should look like this.

B. VLAN Port Configuration
Go to page “VLAN>>Ports” and configure below ports:

1. Port 1 as Trunk

Table 3
Port No. Port Type Egress Rule
1 S-custom-port Trunk

2. Configure other ports according to table 2

Table 4
Port Number Egress Rule PVID
2,4,6 Access 51
8,10,12 Access 52
14,16,18 Access 53
20,22,24 Access 54

III. Testing
Once configuration is completed connect a PC to switch port as shown in the main diagram and verify that the correct DHCP addresses are assigned and devices can ping each other across the VLANs.