Connecting FTP client on a remote sites for files transfer-Passive Mode Transfer using DrayTek 2900/2800/2700 series routers

1-       If you are using an external FTP server and you would like to connect your client to this server for the files transfer please follow these steps.

a-       Go to NAT

b-       Select Port Redirection

c-       Select Index 1 and a New Window opens as per the below image. Click check box to Enable Index One.

d-      Insert Range or Single IP address

d-      Select Protocol as TCP or All

e-      Select WAN Interface number or All

f-       Select Public Port  20/21

g-      Select Private IP of your Client

h-      Select Private port 20/21

If you are using sFTP then select port 22 as SSH FTP transfer uses port 22.

1-      On the FTP server/client side, select the server/client setting

2-      Under client settings option choose passive mode settings.

3-      Insert your public IP on client and server side respectively

Connect client to FTP server and this way the passive mode transfer will not rewrite any additional ports while transferring files between client and server.