This guide will show you how to configure the Vigor2860 router to connect to TPG VDSL2 NBN connection.

Note: This guide only applies to TPG and may not apply to other NBN providers. You will need to check with the NBN provider for the configuration parameters required in step 3.

Step 1: Connect to the router – Access the router admin page

Use your internet browser to login into to the router web interface

(The default IP address for the router is

Default username and password are as given below:

User name: admin

Password:  admin

Step 2: Check firmware version installed in the router

The Vigor2860 is shipped with the standard firmware version. VDSL2 NBN uses Vectoring. Therefore you will need to update the firmware in the router to the vector version.  To do this, download the firmware from the link below:

DrayTek Vigor2860 – download link

Download the file

Click here for Instructions on how to install the firmware.

Once the firmware is installed proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Configure WAN Interface

Note:  TPG VDSL2 requires data packets to be tagged with a VLAN ID of 2, so you will need to enter this into the WAN settings. Otherwise you will not be able to access the Internet.

Go to WAN >> General Setup configuration menu and select WAN 1.

Click on WAN 1 link to configure WAN 1 details.

  1.        Select Yes for Enable option.
  2.        Select VDSL2 only for DSL Mode
  3.        For DSL Modem Code select AnnexA_574307_571801
  4.        Select Enable for VLAN Tag insertion.
  5.        Enter the value 2 for Tag value with Priority set to 0
  6.        Click OK to save the settings

The router will now restart.

Step 4 – Configure WAN>>Internet Access


Login into the router once the router has restarted


Go to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu

  1.        For WAN 1 select PPPoE/PPPoA for Access mode
  2.        Click Details Page button

  1.        Select Enable
  2.        In ISP Access Setup section enter the required details:
  3.        Username and password as supplied by TPG
  4.        Click OK to save the settings

The router will now restart.

Step 5 – Check the router is connected to TPG VDSL

Login into the router once the router has restarted.

  1. Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection menu.
  2. Check that WAN 1 status indicates that the router is now connected.

You should have green text for status details and IP addresses should be displayed similar to the screen shot below. You can now access the Internet through the Vigor2860 router.