ernet browser go to

User name: admin

Password: admin


Step 2 – Configuring WAN

Go to WAN>> General Setup and on the General Setup tab.

Step 3 – Setting PPPoE
a. Go to WAN>> General Setup>> General Setup and double click on wan1 to bring up the General Setup menu. (may take 1 to 3 seconds to appear)
b. Tick the Enable box

c. Click the drop down box next to IPV4 Protocol: and then change it to PPPoE
d. Then click on the PPPoE tab.

e. Enter the Username and Password supplied by TPG
f. Click Apply to save the settings

h. This pop up will appear notifying you that the change will take effect after a while or approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

Step 4 – Check the router is connected to TPG NBN

Login into the router once the router has restarted.

a. Go to Online Status menu which should appear on start up.

b. Check that wan1 status indicates that the router is now connected.

You should have a similar screen to the one below. You can now access the Internet through the Vigor2960 router.

Speed Test results