Note: The Vigor2760 Delight router will use LAN port 4 as an Ethernet WAN interface to allow the router to be connected to a broadband service such as the NBN. The router will need to be running the latest firmware for this feature to be available. More detailed configuration details are available in the application note: Configuring Vigor2760 Delight for Ethernet WAN Connection


This guide will show you how to configure the DrayTek Vigor2760 router to TPG NBN connection. TPG requires a username and password to authenticate the connection so we will use PPPoE for authentication.

Step 1 – Connect to the router Admin page

Using your internet browser go to

User name: admin

Password: admin

Step 2 – Configure WAN>> General Setup

Go to WAN>> General Setup configuration menu and ensure WAN2 is enabled.

Step 3 – Configure WAN>>Internet Access

a. Go to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu.
b. For WAN2 select PPPoE from the drop down box for Access mode.
c. Click Details Page tab.

d. Enter the Username and Password supplied by TPG.
e. Select Enable for PPPoE Link.
f. Click OK to save the settings.

g. Click OK and then you will be prompt with a reboot request.

h. Make sure Using current configuration is ticked and then click OK.
i. Then wait 10 seconds as directed by the following prompt, then click on either link that is provided to be brought back to the log in page.

Step 4 – Check the router is connected to TPG NBN

Log in into the router once the router has restarted.

a. Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection and check the status of WAN2 indicating that the router is now connected.

You should have a similar screen to the one below. You can now access the Internet through the Vigor2760 router.

Speed Test Results.