This application note describes how to route all internet traffic via the Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN service using LAN to LAN VPN tunnel configuration. This configuration applies to DrayOS routers (DV2760, DV2912, DV2860, DV2925, DV2952, and DV3220)
Supported VPN tunnel modes are PPTP and L2TP. PPTP provides encryption for extra security and is also faster than L2TP which does not encrypt the data.

The current PIA support OpenVPN          –           PPTP/L2TP is no longer an available option ( Aug 2022 ) 

Step 1

Access your Private internet access account under PPTP/L2TP/SOCK Username and Password click “Regenerate Username and Password”.

Step 2: Configure DrayTek Router

VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN

Enable the VPN Profile set the call direction to Dial-Out and select Always on.

Dial-Out Settings

In the Dial-Out Settings Select either PPTP or L2TP ”None”, apply the generated username and password from the PIA account and input the Server IP/Hos Name for VPN “”

TCP/IP Network Settings

select NAT and enable Change default route to this VPN tunnel

VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management

Click Dial VPN profile

L2TP Mode: Data is not encrypted

PPTP Mode: Data is encrypted

For improved DNS query response time change the preferred DNS server to the PIA: and as shown below.


The current PIA support OpenVPN             –            PPTP/L2TP is no longer an available option. Aug 2022

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