This application note will describe how to configure the Internal RADIUS Server in DrayTek Vigor routers. This feature is available in Vigor2860, & Vigor2925 routers.

In the example, we will use RADIUS to authenticate Wi-Fi users through an external Wi-Fi Access Point to the protected network.

Step 1

First create a user profiles in “User Management >> User Profile”. We will create two users: user 1 and samsung.

Select the next available profiles and enter the user details in each profile.

For each user profile enter the username and password (“user” and password) then select “Internal RADIUS”


Step 2

Go to Applications>>RADIUS/TACACS+ configuration menu.

Enable “Internal RADIUS” then apply “Share Secret and the IP Address / subnet of the Access Point”


Then select Method “PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP/MS-CHAPv2”, tick “Support 802.1x Method” and select the Authentication List users.


Step 3 – Configure Access Point

In the Access Point Enable Wireless LAN and enter the required SSID.

Go to Wireless LAN (2.4GHZ)>>Security Settings configuration menu

Select the mode: Mixed(WPA+WAP2)/802.1x

Click on RADIUS Server to configure RADIUS options.

For the RADIUS server settings, enter the IP Address of the RADIUS server, Port number and shared secret.


To check the authentication is successful, go to “Diagnostics >> Authentication Information” menu.