DrayTek has designed a Dashboard page for Vigor routers providing information on the router status as well as shortcuts to configuration menus. This article will describe each of these features.

1. DrayTek Home Icon

Clicking on this Icon will take you to the DrayTek.com home page.


This is handy if you need to look up information such as application notes or firmware downloads etc.

2. GUI Map Icon

Clicking on the GUI Map icon will display a complete list of configuration menu pages. You can click on any of the links on this page to go directly to the required configuration menu. This will save time navigating the menus.

3. Web Console Icon

Click on the Web Console Icon to establish a telnet session with the router to bring up the Command Line Interface (CLI). This eliminates the need to have telnet software installed on your PC.

The CLI is often used for diagnostics or to configure parameters that are not available in the GUI in the router.

4. Configuration Backup Icon

Clicking on the Configuration Backup icon provides a shortcut to backing up the router configuration.

It provides a quick and easy link without the need to navigate through several menus and selecting the required options. For example normally you need to navigate to System Maintenance >> Configuration Backup menu and select the Backup option shown below:

5. Logout Icon

Clicking on the Logout icon will log you out from the router and take you to the router login page.

6. Topology Icon

The Topology icon on the Dashboard will display the connection status of the WAN and LAN ports as well as Virtual WANS and Wi-Fi SSIDs


Placing the mouse over the port parameter will display additional information. For example, placing the mouse over the SSID image will display the Wi-Fi settings.

The WAN and LAN images provide a shortcut to the configuration menu in the router. For example clicking on WAN2 DHCP will take you directly to WAN2 DHCP configuration menu.