This application note describes how to configure the DrayTek Vigor2860 and Vigor2862 routers for a VDSL2 connection on the Optus NBN network.


Step 1. Check the Router Firmware Version

The Vigor2860 routers requires firmware that supports VDSL vectoring. Suitable firmware can be downloaded from DrayTek Australia website:

  1.      Annex A Model: 574307_571801 & 573807_571701 (G. Vectoring)
  2.        Annex A Model: 579C17_573F01 & 579F17_573F01 (G. Vectoring)

Step 2. Go to WAN>>General Setup menu

  •          Select VDSL2 only for DSL Mode and select DSL Modem Code.

This page looks different in the Vigor2862 router

Step 3: Configure WAN Internet Access

  •          Go to WAN>>Internet Access menu
  •          For WAN 1, select MPOA / Static or Dynamic IP from the pulldown menu
  •          Click on Details Page


In Details page:

  •          Select Enable
  •          Select Obtain an IP address automatically

If you have been given a username / password by OPTUS

  •          Select DHCP Client Identifier
  •          Enter Username and Password
  •          Click OK to save the settings.

Step 4: Check Connection Status

  •          Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection menu
  •          Check that SHOWTIME appears for line status and a valid IP address appears for WAN 1 Status.