VigorACS 2 is a software which provides centralized device management for TR-069 based Draytek devices. VigorACS2 has device status, monitor status of devices, perform scheduling task such as firmware upgrade, configuration backup/restore etc. It also allows us to schedule or run real-time reports from 6 different type of reports

1)   Configuring Reports Tasks

Reports Tasks: Enabling this report, allows us to receive the configured Report/s through email. In Order to receive them through email, we need to enable, email notify feature in our login profile. Below are the steps to enable the email notify option

1.1  Enabling Email Notify Option

1.1.1   Login to the VigorACS 2 Webpage

1.1.2   Go to System Menu —> User —-> User Management

1.1.3   Look for your username. Click on the radio button next to you name and click on your username

1.1.4      Enable Email Notify option, enter the EmailDescription and hit save. Make sure your profile is enabled on the top

1.1.5      Under your profile name, make sure you have a check mark under Mail Notify


1.2 Configuring Report Tasks


   1.2.1 Go To System Menu —> Reports —> Report tasks

1.2.2 Click on Add Report Task

1.2.2 Enabling this task allows us to run 6 different types of reports (Traffic, Firmware, Network, Status, Information and Device Configuration). Enable this Task option, give the Task Title name as per the Report ContentRun Report will give us two options to run the report – Once and Repeat. If we select Once, then it further gives us two more options- Now or Later. Selecting Now, will give us the Realtime report through email and If we select Later, then we need to mention the date and time and will receive the email on the selected criteria.

NOTE: Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and select all the devices before you save the task.



If we select Repeat, we need to click on Edit and make necessary changes as per the requirement.


It allows us to run the report Daily, weekly or Monthly with repeat number of days along with Start Day and Time. Once configured, click on Done.


1.2.3 The configured Report will showup in the Task and gives you the detailed information about the Report- like Scheduled Period, who created the report and what type of report is it. If you like to make any changes, click on Edit option. We can even Delete a particular report.


Below is the screenshot for the received email and the VigorACS Report – Firmware Overview Report



2) Configuring Reports

Reports:  Configuring this Report allows us to receive the Realtime Report for the devices controlled by VigorACS 2. It allows us to run 6 different type of reports.

NOTE: These reports cannot be received through email. They can only be viewed in the system itself

2.1 Go To System Menu —> Reports —> Reports. Click on Create a Report


2.2 This window allows us to select Report from 6 different type of Reports. Select the ReportSelect Devices for which we need to have the report (By-default its ALL) and finally make sure all the Devices under Root Network are checked. Lastly, hit Query

Below is the output for the WAN Statistic Report


You may run as many reports you may want to run and have them viewed under one page.


NOTE: Make sure you don’t move away from this page else you might lose all the reports, if not downloaded or Printed

Also, VigorACS 2 allows us to print and Download in pdf as shown below

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