Vigor ACS 2 periodically re-authenticates its licence key from MyVigor. However, DrayTek had to renew the CA certificate and the certificate issuer’s name had changed resulting in VigorACS 2 re-authentication issues.  This is caused by VigorACS 2 ACS strict checking mechanism that includes checking root CA.

When you see message as shown below and are unable to login in to VigorACS 2 due to license expired/invalid or you receive the license notification email from MyVigor, follow the steps below.

Temporary Solution

Re-activate the license manually by following the steps:
1. Login to VigorACS 2. In the license warning message. Press the Activate button:

2. Login to Myvigor with the registered account

3. Press ON button on the used license. The action will force ACS server sync the license immediately.

Permanent Solution

  1. Upgrade the TR069.jar file.

     Note: This is only available for VigorACS 2 versions 2.3.3 and 2.4.0 only. For earlier versions you will need to upgrade to version 2.4.1.

  1.  Upgrade VigorACS  2 to version 2.4.1.

Method 1 – Upgrading the TR069.jar File

Use the procedure below:
1. Stop the ACS service
2. Go to the ACS install path  \server\default\lib
3. Backup the original TR069.jar file (Move it to another place)

4. Click here to download the TR069.jar file corresponding to your VigorACS 2 version from our FTP server.

  • Rename the downloaded file as TR069.jar.
  • Copy the jar file to \server\default\lib path replacing the original file.

(Note: Ensure there’s only 1 TR069.jar file in the lib folder. Please move the backup file to another place even though the file name is different)

5. Launch the ACS service

Method 2 – Upgrade VigorACS 2 Software

For VigorACS 2 versions older than v2.3.3 you will need to upgrade to VigorACS 2 version 2.4.1.

Contact for the download link.