This application note describes how to configure the DrayTek  Vigor130 router for a VDSL2 connection on the Optus NBN network.

A. Get the firmware

Download and update the firmware in your router to the latest version from DrayTek Australia website. Download the firmware supporting VDSL Vectoring as this is required for VDSL connections on the NBN network, the file to download is:

Modem 8  VDSL2 579f17 & ADSL 573f01 (G.Vectoring)      or 

Modem 4  VDSL2 576d17 & ADSL 572801 (G.Vectoring)


B. Configure WAN Internet Access Mode

Go to “Internet Access >> MPoA / Static or dynamic IP” page, select “Enable”, and choose “Obtain an IP address automatically“.


C. Observe VDSL2 Connection

Once the router is connected to the VDSL line, check the physical link status and WAN IP address assignment in the Online Status >> Physical Connection page.

  • VDSL2 Information (Profile, State, Upload/DownLoad Speed, Upload/Download SNR). The VDSL2 connection state should be SHOWTIME.
  • On the same page, WAN Status should have an IP address  and GW IP address assigned by the ISP.