This application note shows you how to configure the Optus supplied Netgear modem into bridge mode to interface Draytek broadband routers to Optus cable service.

Applicable DrayTek routers

DrayOS Routers

Vigor2860, Vigor2925, Vigor2760, Vigor2832, Vigor2120, Vigor2132, Vigor2912, Vigor2952, Vigor3220

Linux OS based routers

Vigor2960, Vigor3900

Configuring NetGear Modem for Bridge Mode

Please be aware that once you have activated Bridge Mode, you will only have access to the 1st Ethernet socket on the modem, as Bridge Mode disables the other 3 sockets. To disable Bridge Mode you will need to perform a factory reset of the modem (hold a paperclip or pin for 10 seconds in the small hole on the back of the modem).

Configure the DrayTek Router to authenticate IPoE from Optus Cable

Dray OS Routers

A.) Enable Static or Dynamic IP

B.) Select Obtain an IP address automatically

C.) In DHCP Client Identifier apply username and password

D.) Click ok to apply the settings

Linux OS Based Routers

A.) Enable WAN Profile

B.) Select DHCP on IPv4 Protocol

C.) Go to DHCP detail page

D.) Apply username and if given apply also the password

E.) Then click Apply to set the settings.