Before you start, ensure the Vigor130 has the correct firmware installed that supports NBN VDSL2 connection. Click here for more details.
If required you may need to configure the VLAN ID (only if required by your ISP)

Configuring Bridge Mode

Go to “Internet Access >> MPoA / Static or dynamic IP” configuration menu
2. Select “Enable
3. On the bottom left (Bridge Mode selection), enable the “Enable Bridge Mode
4. Click OK to save
5. Device will reboot

Note: Once the DV130 configured to bridge mode, the DHCP server on DV130 will not function. If you need to configure the device, you will need to configure your PC to have a static IP address 192.168.1.x subnet (for ex.

Note: By default Nebios ports are blocked from the Internet when the Vigor130 is configured for bridge mode.

To allow netbios traffic from the Internet (Ports 135, 137-139, 445), 

Telnet to the router and run the command;

mngt defenseworm off


Click here to watch the video.