DrayTek proudly advertise that the Vigor 120 is a great match for a Time Capsule, so I bought it.

While I can successfully get online with the Vigor 120 on its own (stable and at reasonable speed) using iiNet’s specified broadband settings, I’ve had no success pairing it with my Time Capsule when following your tips and those of others on this thread.

Have you had any experience setting up or helping others set up the 120 with a Time Capsule?

The critical change for me was leaving the “Client for PPPoE/PPPoA” checkbox set to Enabled.  My settings now work perfectly.

Also, I discovered my Vigor120 – bought around August last year – already had the latest firmware, so no upgrade was needed.


These are the precise settings I use when connecting to my ISP (in my case iiNet, who specify VPI and VCI numbers):

SETUP: DrayTek Vigor120

1. Navigate to Internet Access -> PPPoE / PPPoA

2. Use the following settings:

    PPPoE/PPPoA Client: Enable

    VPI 8

    VCI 35

    Encapsulating Type: VC MUX

    Protocol: PPPoA

    Modulation: Multimode

    PPPoE Pass-through – For Wired LAN: Checked


SETUP: Apple Time Capsule

In Internet Settings (via Assisted or Manual Setup) use the following settings:

    Connect using: PPPOE

    [Enter Account Name / Password]

    Connection: Always On