This guide will show you how to configure a DrayTek Vigor2860 router to Telstra NBN connection using a static or a dynamic IP address.

Step 1 – Connect to the router Admin page
Using your internet browser go to

User name: admin
Password: admin

Now go to General setup and select WAN2 for Ethernet/Auto Configuration option. Click OK

Now go to general setup and select WAN2 with physical mode Ethernet with Access Mode as Static or Dynamic.

Now next step is to go to Internet Access setup under WAN2, select Static/Dynamic IP and then click DETAILS page:

Under details page, select WAN 2 enable.

Click obtain IP address automatically. Most of the connections works with Dynamic IP Address settings, But if you have an static IP provided by your ISP, then select option Specify an IP Address.

Insert IP Address, Gateway and Subnet mask as shown below.

Wait for few seconds, now go to online status and you can see your NBN connection on WAN2 should be up with an IP address assigned by your service provider.

This should connect you to Telstra Internet.

To confirm, internet connectivity, go to online status and you should see your public IP status as shown below: