This guide will show you how to configure the Vigor130 router to connect to TPG NBN connection.

Note: This guide only applies to TPG and may not apply to other NBN providers. You will need to check with the NBN provider for the configuration parameters required in step 2.

Make sure that the Firmware is at the Latest Version  see Url

Modem 8  VDSL2 579f17 & ADSL 573f01 (G.Vectoring)      or

Modem 4  VDSL2 576d17 & ADSL 572801 (G.Vectoring)

Step 1: Connect to the router – Access the router Admin page

Use your internet browser to login to the router web interface

(The default IP address for the router is

Default username and password are as given below:

User name: admin

Password: admin


Step 2: Configure WAN Interface

Go to Internet access>>General Setup configuration menu

1). Select VDSL2 only for DSL Mode

2). Enable VLAN Tag Insertion for VDSL2

a) Enter Tag Value as 2 and Priority as 0

The router will now restart.


Step 3: Configure WAN Internet Access

After the router has restarted log into the router again and go to the admin page.

Go to Internet Access >> PPPoE / PPPoA configuration menu.

1). Enter VPI value as 8

2). Enter VCI value as 35

3). Encapsulating Type as “LLC/SNAP”

4). Protocol as PPPoE

5). Modulation as “Multimode”

6). Username and password as supplied by Internet provider

7). PPP Authentication as “PAP Only”

The router will restart again.


Step 4: Check the connectivity

After the router has restarted log into the router again and go to the admin page to check your connection.

Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection menu

If you see WAN status as all green it means your NBN connection is working.