If an ISP allocates a block of public IP addresses to you and you want to use these on a LAN, you can set them up as IP Routed Subnet or Routing Usage LAN.

As an example, we’ll assume the ISP has given us a public IP subnet and a gateway IP of The public IP addresses we can use are between to The following shows how to set up a non-NAT subnet so that a server behind the Vigor Router can use the public IP address

WAN Setup

Go to WAN >> Internet Access and configure the WAN connection according to what the ISP has provided. (Note: If it is necessary to specify an IP address manually, remember that the subnet mask for the WAN interface should be larger than that of the LAN interface.)

LAN Setup

1. Go to LAN >> General Setup, click on Details Page for IP Routed Subnet.

2. Set up TCP/IP details for IP Routed Subnet.

a. Enable IP Routed Subnet
Enter the IP Address for the router. Note that this could be the same as router’s WAN IP
c. Enter the Subnet Mask according to what the ISP advised.

3. For the host behind the Vigor Router, to obtain the public IP address we may either:

  • Configure a fixed IP/Subnet Mask on the host
  • Or set up DHCP IP Pool, enable “Use LAN Port”, and connect the host to the router on the specified LAN port (which is port 1 and 2 in this example)

  • Or set up DHCP IP pool, enable “Use MAC Address”, add the host’s MAC address to the table. Then the host may be connected to the router using any of the LAN ports.

After finishing above configurations, a host with a public IP mask Gateway IP will be able to access the Internet through the Vigor Router.