When using DHCP to allocate IP addresses for LAN clients, Vigor Routers have a Bind-IP-to-MAC feature which allows reserving IP addresses in the DHCP pool. If you reserve an IP address, it will be excluded from the DHCP pool, and only the device with the MAC address bound to that IP address can obtain it from the router. The feature allows Network Administrators to allocate specific IP addresses to some devices while using DHCP for the network IP configuration. This often comes in handy for devices that are often accessed by other LAN clients, such as printers, network storage devices or servers. Also, it allows Network Administrators to manage IP addresses for each LAN client without having to resort to configuring them all individually.

Set up Bind IP to MAC

1. Go to LAN >> Bind IP to MAC, select Enable.

2. Add an entry to the IP-MAC bind list. The ARP table shows devices that are connected to the router and their current IP addresses. Add a MAC address from the ARP table by simply selecting a device from the ARP table, then click Add.

Or manually enter an IP address and MAC address, then click Add.

3. Finally, click OK to save the settings.

Strict Mode

In normal mode, a device in the list will always get the assigned IP address every time it sends a DHCP discover. Unlisted devices will get other IP addresses from the IP Pool that are not in the IP Bind List. However, if you select Strict Bind, only devices in the IP Bind List will be allowed to access the network. The router will block access from devices NOT in the list. Since only registered devices can have access, Strict Bind mode can add a layer of security to your network.

Strict Bind for Some Subnets Only

From version 3.8.5, Strict Bind can be applied to specific subnets, so that those subnets require higher security while the other IP subnets can still use DHCP.
NOTE: If none of the LAN subnets are selected in the “Apply Strict Bind to Subnet” settings, then strict mode works as before and will apply to the entire LAN.

Copy and Backup the IP Bind List

From firmware version, you can download the MAC-IP Bind List and restore it to other DrayTek routers which support this feature.