In this article, we will demonstrate how to set up WAN3 or WAN4 with a USB dongle, and add a 3G/4G backup connection to the router.

1. Prepare a supported USB dongle and a valid SIM card.

2. Check which Access Mode we should use for this device. This information can be found at USB Application >> Modem Support List.

3. Go to WAN >> General Setup and make sure the WAN3/WAN4 is enabled.

4. Go to WAN >> Internet access, choose ‘PPP mode’ or ‘DHCP mode’ for Access Mode according to what the Modem Support List says in step 1. Then, click Details Page.
NOTE: For routers that have multiple USB interfaces, WAN3 settings is for USB1 and WAN4 for USB2.

5. At Details Page:

  • Select ‘Enable’ for 4G/4G USB Modem
  • Enter the PIN for the SIM card at SIM PIN code if required.
  • Enter APN (Name) and click Apply. (NOTE: If the ISP provides a modem initialisation string that incorporates the APN, e.g., AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”, you may leave the APN field blank.)
  • Click OK to apply

6. Go to Online Status to check the connection status. If the USB WAN is up, we will see the IP address and an icon on the top of the page.