This guide will assist you in back-up the configuration of your Vigor router and then restoring it to a replacement router. The instructions assume you already have a working router. Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Backup Configuration

Step 1: Connect to the Router Web Interface

Start your web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer) and type in the router IP address into the Address Bar, as shown below:
Note: If you have changed the router IP address, then use the new IP address.

When prompted enter the username and password for the router. (Default username and password are admin/admin). You can refer to the web link for more details on the default username and password:

Step 2: Backup the Router Configuration

Go to System Maintenance>>Configuration Backup menu page and select Backup.

A dialogue box will appear to open or save the file. Select Save

Select the location on your computer hard drive to save the configuration file and click Save

You should now get the following box appear:

Once Backup has been downloaded; you can click on Close.

2. Restore Configuration

Scenario 1: Restoring config into same router model with same firmware

Step 1: Connect the New Router

Disconnect your computer from the old router and connect to the new router.

Follow step 1 as described previously to log in to the new router.

Step 2: Restore the Router Configuration to the New Router

Go to System Maintenance>>Configuration Backup menu page and select Choose file.

Browse to the location on your computer where you stored the backup configuration file and select the file. And click on Open as shown below.

You should now get the following screen appear.

Click Restore to restore the router configuration to the new router

The router will now restart with the new configuration loaded. You can check the Router Configuration has loaded properly and Internet Access works.

Scenario 2: Restoring config from backups made with different firmware

If you have a configuration backup that was taken from a router running on a different firmware version then first you should upgrade/downgrade the firmware of the new router to match with the old one and restore the configuration file.

Scenario 3: Restoring config from older/different models

In some cases, it is possible to take the configuration of an older model and import it into a newer model but do check compatibility before attempting to do so (if you use an incompatible backup, you cannot damage the hardware but you could make it malfunction or inoperable).

If you wish to import a config from a different model then it is important that your older model backup was made from a compatible firmware version. If not, take a backup, upgrade the older router and then make another backup (use distinct filenames each time). Similarly, upgrade the receiving router to compatible firmware (see list below) before you do the backup/restore.

It is recommended to manually verify the settings after restoring a configuration of an older model because features and functionality can vary between models.

List of compatible combinations:

  Importing Router   Can Accept Backup from
  Vigor 2860 f/w or later   Vigor 2820 f/w version or later

Vigor 2830 f/w version or later
Vigor 2850 f/w version 3.6.6 or later

  Vigor 2760* f/w 3.7.6 or later   Vigor 2710 f/w version 3.6.5, 3.6.7
  Vigor 2925 f/w 3.7.4 or later   Vigor 2920 f/w version 3.6.6 or later
  Vigor 2830n-v2 f/w   Vigor 2830n f/w version

*Applicable for 2760 Dray O/S and not for 2760 Linux O/S

Updated article to DrayTek knowledgebase:

Backup and Restore the Configuration of Vigor Router