This command is used to adjust the debounce timer of the Vigor Router DSP, the default value is 70ms. The default value may have cause problems with some phone’s redialing function and some DECT phones’ dialing function. If the phone sends key-presses with shorter interval than 70ms, DSP will miss some of the key-presses.

For example, you may report that when you dial 1800 111111, the called number was sent as 1801111 from the Vigor router. That is, some of the numbers are missing. This may happen under the following situations:

  1. You use the redial button on your phone. The phone will send all numbers in quick succession.
  2. You are using a DECT phone. Some DECT phones do not send key-presses immediately after each key is pressed. Instead, the key-presses are sent as one number after you have finished dialling the number. The numbers are again sent in quick succession.

To resolve the issue, we can reduce the debounce timer to lower value.

The command usage is:

voip dsp debounce <new_valueNew_value is from 1 – 250 msec

To check the current settings use the command:

voip dsp debounce ?