If you encounter a problem with your Vigor router, please carry out the following steps to try and get the router working again.

The basic steps are…

Step 1

Reset – turn OFF the routers power switch; count to 10; and turn the power back ON.

Step 2

Log into the web configuration page and check the router settings. If you are unable to login to the router web configuration page go to step 3.

  • For Internet access, check the “Online Status” page … what is displayed under ADSL Status and WAN Status? Check the Internet Access Setup configuration.
  • For wireless connection, check that the wireless LAN is enabled, and that settings for SSID, WEP and/or other encryption are the same on both the Vigor router and your PC. If WEP or WPA is enabled, try disabling it.

Step 3

Factory Reset – This erases the routers configuration, so first make sure you have details of your ISP account, and other router settings you may have changed.
Press the Factory Reset button (located on the rear of most Vigor routers, or located on the front for models such as Vigor2820) with a pencil or similar. Keep the reset button pressed until the “ACT” light start flashing quickly, then release. Wait 3-5 seconds for the Router to reset.

Now try to log into the router and re-enter the settings

Step 4

Firmware reload – use the following procedure:

  • On a PC with a wired connection to the router, start the DrayTek Firmware Upgrade Utility. If the Firmware Upgrade Utility is not already installed you should either

(a) download the latest version of Router Tools for your computers Operating System from the DrayTek website and install, or

(b)  Install the Router Tools from the CD which came with your DrayTek Router.


In the Firmware Upgrade Utility,

(a) Select or enter the routers IP address and

(b) Browse to the Firmware file.

  • Turn the routers power switch OFF; and count to 10;
  • Press and hold the Factory Reset button with a pin, pencil or similar while you turn the routers power switch ON.
  • When you see the router’s ACT light blink rapidly, press the Send button on the Firmware Upgrade Utility window on the PC.

For further details, please have a look at the document “Abnormal Firmware Conditions”

Occasionally the Firmware Upgrade may not work the first time. If so, please try again.

If the unit still does not work correctly, you may return it to us for repairs. The procedure is…

Repair Procedure

  1. Try the above troubleshooting procedure
  2. If the above does not solve the problem, please contact Tech support by email or phone (02) 9838 8899, with a description of the problem, and things you have tried to fix it.
  3. If Tech Support are unable to suggest any other steps for you to take on-site, they will issue an RMA number, and email you a DrayTek Australia RMA Form. Please complete the form, and send with the faulty equipment and a copy of the Invoice to our repair centre in Sydney as advised.
  4. NOTE that the RMA Form must accompany the faulty goods – we are unable to accept or repair items which arrive without a completed RMA Form.
  5. DrayTek Australia will repair the faulty item and return it to the address you specify. Note that DrayTek Australia will only replace products within 14 days of Invoice.

Note:  We do not fix user errors or problems in other attached equipment. If the DrayTek product is found not to be faulty, DrayTek Australia will charge the user for the repair and return.