The problem may be due to an ADSL line fault or incorrect router or ISP settings. Please carry out the following checks to help isolate the cause of the problem.

First, login to the router and go to Online Status >> Physical Connection.

Is the bottom line of data (under the applicable ADSL Connection Status heading) in red?

This indicates that the router cannot detect any ADSL signal on the line.

  • Disconnect the phone lead from the router and connect to a standard phone. Check if there is a dial-tone.
  • If no dial-tone is present, get your phone service provider to check your phone lines.
  • If dial-tone is present, check if you have an ADSL filter between the wall socket and the router and remove it. If the router still can’t see an ADSL signal, check with your Internet Service Provider that your connection is still active.

Is the ADSL Status in green, but the WAN Status data line is in red?

This indicates the router is receiving ADSL signal from the telephone exchange but is unable to log into the ISP’s login server.

  • Please check your ISP details on the Internet Access Setup page.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider to check if your account is still active.
  • The most common cause is due to mistyped username or password, so check them again.


Are both the ADSL Status and WAN Status lines in green?

This indicates your router is correctly connected to the internet.

  • Check that the router can access the internet by navigating to Diagnostics >> Ping Diagnosis and try to ping a known site like (


If Internet access is working you should see the following result:

If that works, the next thing to check is DNS:

  • Please browse to and If the first does not work but the second does, then the problem is with your DNS and you should check your computer’s TCP/IP Connection parameters.
  • If the problem is due to the DNS, try to manually enter the DNS details to your computer TCP/IP settings. You can use the primary IP address displayed in the online status page.

If the DNS is working correctly but you cannot access some sites, then the problem is most likely due to a remote link being down. Run the “Trace Route” utility to verify if this is the cause of the problem. To do this go to “Diagnostics>>Trace Route” menu page on the router and enter the Host name or IP address of the site you want to test.