A. Remote User Profile Setup ( Teleworker ) : [ for example : Vigor2700]

1. In Vigor’s web configuration page, click VPN and Remote access Setup -› Remote Dial-in User Setup (Teleworker).

2. Type in the username and password for this remote dial-in user, then click OK. Now this specified user can dial-in to Vigor router now.

3. When the user successfully dialed in, you may see the connection status in System Management -› VPN Connection Management.

B. Client Settings :

 1.) Download and install Smart VPN client from this site https://www.draytek.com.au/support/downloads/

 2.) Open Smart VPN client and click on insert.

4.) Type in “Profile name”, VPN Server IP/Host Name (such as or draytek.com) and click  “Use default gateway on remote network”.

5.) Click on connect.

4.) You have successfully connected.