Any router with an Ethernet WAN port can be used with a Cable modem. This includes the Vigor2100, 2110, 2130, 2910, 2920, 2930, 2950, 2955, 2820, 2830, 3200,3300, 5300 and 5500/5510 series.

If you’re having trouble connecting, please follow the three steps below to check your connection.

  1. Power cycle your “cable modem” before it’s connected to our router.
  2. Make sure both your router’s WAN and your cable modem’s connections LEDs are lit. You need to use either a “straight” or “cross-over” cable to achieve this.
  3. Please check if your cable company put a special locking mechanism according to your NIC’s MAC address. If they do, you have to modify the router’s WAN MAC address with LAN card’s MAC address by:

a. Login to the configuration web page,

Click Quick Setup -› Internet Access Setup -› Static or Dynamic IP.

b. Select “Specify a MAC address” and fill in your LAN card’s MAC address