Q: How to Setup USB Disk function in Vigor2820/Vigor2910 series?

A: Setting up the ftp server is 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Insert USB Disk into Vigor’s USB slot.

You can check the connection status in “USB Application >> USB Disk Status”


Step 2:

Setup an account for ftp user, you need to specify username, password, access rules and home folder.

When you click ‘OK’, router will create the home folder in the disk automatically.

If you want to give full access to specific user, you can input “/” in the “Home Folder” settings.

Click “OK” to finish the setting.


Step 3:

Use a FTP client to access the ftp server.

For a quick test, you can use dos command to test.

Or you can use a web browser like Internet Explorer to test.