This article will describe how to make a Web or FTP server on your local LAN to be visible and accessible to users on the Internet.

In our example below, we have a Web server with an IP address of located on the local network. The Vigor router has a connection to the Internet. The WAN IP address is


Step 1: Check if you have enabled remote management on the router. If so you will need to change the ports shown below to different values.


Step 2: Make the router always online (for PPPoE/PPPoA mode users)

Set Idle Timeout to -1 or just check on “Always On”, will force router to automatically reconnect to internet when the ADSL line is dropped.


Step3: Get dynamic DNS service (for PPPoE/PPPoA mode users)

The router supports the following DDNS servers. You can register an account and hostnames from the servers.


After getting an account and a hostname, input the required details and tick the box to enable it.

You need also check Enable Dynamic DNS Setup

You can then ping the domain name to make sure it works:

You also need to check if the IP address for your domain name is same as router’s IP address.

Step 4: Installing Web/FTP server

There are many free Web servers and FTP servers. For example, AN HTTPD is a simple free Web server for Win95/98/NT/2000. And Apache Web Server is a quite famous free Web server for unix system. TYPSoft FTP Server is a free FTP Win95/98/NT/2000. You can find them in server for internet. Get the servers and install them in the indicated PC.

Step 5: Redirect accessing port from router to the indicated PC

Following is the well known ports list. It is important information when setting up port redirection.

It is better to use fixed IP for indicated PC. The default gateway is and the dynamic IP assigned is from So you can choose the IP between and as the fixed IP address of the indicated PC.

According the ports list, you can redirect the service port to the indicated PC’s port. You will need to enter the details to the Port Redirection table as shown below:

Your Web/FTP server is now on the internet.