The 3300V router does not have a reset button to restore the router to factory defaults when the login password is not known.  The following steps show how to restore the Vigor3300V to “factory default” settings.


Obtain the Physical Address of the router.  There may be a sticker on the underside of the router with the Physical Address. If not then use the following procedure:

If the IP address of the router is known, ping the LAN IP of the Vigor3300V and then use the command “arp -a” to get the Physical Address of the router


Make a note of the Physical address and email this address to DrayTek Support:


You will be issued with a temporary password to use to allow you to login into the router via the console port.

For more information about using the console port, refer to page 100 of the user guide at


Type the following command to reset the router to factory defaults:


You can now use the default username draytek and password 1234 to log into the Vigor3300V via the web interface.

The default IP address is