In this example we will show how to configure the Vigor2700 router so that one PC on the LAN is restricted to only be able to access one Internet site.

The PC has an IP address of and it will only be able to access  website (IP address


Step1: Go to Firewall >> Filter Setup

Select Default Data Filter

Step2: Create 3 Filter Rules

  1. a.    Filter Rule to block all Internet access for PC (Rule 2)
  2. b.    Filter Rule to allow access to Google (Rule 3)
  3. c.    Filter rule to allow DNS query. Allows access to google by using the domain name. e.g.  (Rule 4)

2(a) Filter Rule to Block all Internet Access for PC

2(b) Allow access to Google (IP #

2(c) Allow PC to make DNS Queries 

Test Allowed Internet Connectivity

  1. 1.    Testing access to google

  1. 2.    Testing access to other Internet sites