1.)    Login to your router and go to Firewall >> Filter setup.

2.)    Click Default Data Filter no. 2

3.)    Click Filter rule no.2.  

4.)    Click Check to enable the Filter rule. (see screenshots below)

5.)    Enter the comments ex. Facebook

6.)    Select Direction LAN>>WAN

7.)    Enter the Source IP (IP of the PC to be blocked).

8.)    Enter Destination IP.  Known IP’s assigned to Facebook are –, –, –, –, –, - (other IP blocks can be configured on no.3, 4 and 5 filter rules or you may create an IP Object/Group for all IP’s). If you know another IP which belongs to Facebook please add the IP on the filter rules.

9.)    Enter the service type.   Just choose Any or Source port 1 – 65535, Destination port 1 – 65535 and click OK.

10.)    Restart the router.