Telnet is one of the old DOS commands still supported by Windows, but without a Windows graphical interface.

From the windows’ Start menu Click Start > Run and enter Telnet (as shown below) and click OK.

Note:  The IP address in the example is the default address of the router. If you have changed the default, enter the current IP address of the router.

A command Prompt window will open, and you will be prompted for a Password. If you have set the Administrator Password for your router, enter it here, If you have not set the Administrator Password just press [ Enter ], and a warning message will be displayed.

For help Type ? for a list of valid commands

Enter commands for the Vigor CLI. You can use question-mark to view available commands, or the correct syntax for a command. A telnet command guide can be downloaded from the Utility section at the DrayTek Aust & NZ download page. When you have finished entering Vigor CLI/telnet commands, enter “quit” to close the telnet window.

The default Command Prompt window is only 24 lines long by 80 columns wide and does not allow scrolling back to view previous output. To increase the length of the Screen Buffer so that you can scroll back; right-click the icon in the left of the window’s title (before the “telnet 192…”) and select Properties, click on the Layout tab, and increase the Screen Buffer Size “Height” field to a larger value.

To save the output of a Command Prompt window, right-click on the icon at the left of the title bar, and choose Edit > Mark. You will see a block cursor appear. Left-click on one corner of the section of text you wish to copy, and HOLD the left mouse button while moving the mouse to the opposite corner of the section you wish to copy. Alternatively you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse : use the arrow keys to move the block cursor to one corner of the section to copy, then hold the shift key while using the arrow keys to move to the opposite corner of the text you wish to copy. Having selected a block of text, just press the [Enter] key to copy the highlighted text. Finally paste into Notepad, Wordpad, an email, or your Wordprocessing program.