Here we will show how to configure the URL Content Filter to block all URLs except for the required URL on a Vigor3200. For example you may only want users to access Microsoft web sites only and not allow access to other web sites.

In our example we want to restrict a group of users (IP address range to to only access certain web sites. E.g.


Other users will be able to access all web sites without restriction.

You should note that some web sites may require access to a secondary web site to allow access to the web site, so this secondary site also needs to be added to the URL list. For example also requires the keyword “” to also be entered.

There are four steps required as described below:

Step1: Create Keyword Objects

Go to Objects Setting >> Keyword Object configuration menu

Click on the first index and enter required URL keywords as shown in the diagram below: 

Step2: Create URL Profile

Go to Objects Setting >> Keyword Group configuration menu

Click on the first index and enter required keyword Objects to the keyword Group as shown in the diagram below: 

Step3: Create URL Profile

Here we link the URL Content Filter Profile to the Keyword group created in step 2.

Step 4: Configure Firewall rule

Here we enter the range of IP addresses that this URL filter will apply to.

The IP address range will be from to 192.168.59

Enter the details as highlighted below.

Once configured, a message will be displayed if users in the restricted IP range try to access blocked web sites as shown below:

Note: This message can be customised if required in “CSM>>URL Content Filter Profile” configuration menu.