The Vigor2920 series comes embedded with Content Security Management (CSM) with an Object setting mechanism which can help establish a safer and more productive environment for small to midsize businesses by comprehensively managing employee web activity.

Let’s see what today’s SMBs are facing and know the importance of comprehensive web activity management!

No one wants to see their employees wasting time on non job-related activities during paid work hours. According to a report from the Economist, Oct 29th 2009  employees in certain countries on average spend almost one working week a year on Twitter, Facebook or other social-networking websites during office hours. A bigger problem could be that those activities are being used to leak confidential corporate information or download offensive content which could have legal repercussions for the employer.

The Vigor2920 series has the right solution in place for SMB

The CSM function of Vigor2920 series includes IM/P2P profile, URL Content Filter profile and Web Content Filter profile to manage web activities related to SMB daily operations. An IM/P2P profile can not only block the usage of instant message and peer-to-peer applications but also allow administrators to grant different levels of usage of certain IM applications. For example, you can allow your Sales Dept to login MSN and only use the message function to keep in touch with their clients, but they are not capable of transferring files, playing games, watching videos or chatting. (figure 1).

(Figure 1)

URL Content Filter profile can use keywords to prevent access to unwanted pages or restrict features provided by browsing pages. For instance, you can prevent employees in the Finance Dept from visiting eBay for online shopping, and also block watching videos through web browsers. To do this, create a URL Content Filter profile as Finance Dept 1 and using URL Access Control block the url “eBay”, and using Web Feature block Video. (figure 2).

(Figure 2)

Web Content Filter profile (WCF) have pre-grouped many web content types to make the process easier, and Vigor2920 series’ WCF function is powered by Commtouch GlobalView WCF with a powerful database to verify client-end requests. For example, you can limit the Logistic Dept to browsing certain websites by selecting pre-defined contents in WCF profile. As figure 3 shows, they are now unable to access and website with contents listed in Child Protection, Leisure and Other sections. Or, if you don’t want them job searching during office hours, so you can also block Job Search/Career in the Business section.

(Figure 3)

You can visit Vigor2920 Live Web Demo page to check it out or see Vigor2920 product information.


Brief summary of DrayTek’s objects setting management:

An object can be a single IP address or a set of them, a service connection, or a user or calendar time.

All objects are then defined by the administrator form of usage within the rules of routers in security or quality of the service that allows
administrators set rules distinctively.