Q: We have a customer using a Vigor2820Vn with firmware He uses syslog to usb ….and it works very well. He runs a perl script on his XP+sp3 box to retrieve and delete the old syslog files, and now that the log files are up to subfolder 006 he is trying to automate deletion of the directories once they are empty.

The perl script was getting..

Can’t read file “/SysLog/005”: not a plain file.

..when attempting to  RMD 005

It was connected to the router using a user account which has a root folder of /SysLog


A: The “rmd” command only can delete an empty folder, if there are some files in the folder, the “rmd” command won’t delete the folder. Please ask the customer to delete all syslog files in the 005 folder first, then type “rmd 005” and see if he can delete the 005 folder.